The Magnificent Seven By Grup Ferré

Directed by Grup Ferré, the story begins with a project started by Josep Mª Ferré and his wife Sonia Serrano 35 years ago, when they decided to resuscitate the emblematic restaurant 4 Gats. Problems were many and complicated, but through sheer tenacity they managed to convert the establishment into an indisputable icon in the Barcelona restaurant scene.

As the years passed, their insight and knowledge of the restaurant trade led them to a new undertaking and towards new projects and premises to complement what the 4 Gats was already offering. But this time they were no longer alone, as they had their children Iván, Silvia, Óscar and Lluis on hand, and already trained since childhood days. Once joined to the cause, efforts were doubled and these new projects became the restaurants Sumoll, L’Auca, Melic del Gòtic and Collage, Collage being the latest.

However, the difficulties persist and a bigger effort is required. This is why they decided to write a script for a blog that would represent the Magnificent Seven. A ‘remake’ of the seven in-house chefs that narrates daily life in the kitchen and the culinary skills that could later be enjoyed in each establishment.



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The Actors

The province of Barcelona is where it all happens. Besieged by the gastronomic offerings and restaurants in the city, this group of chefs led by Jordi Anglí, have been instructed to expand and build on the philosophy of Grup Ferré, whose keystone is a keen eye for detail, professionalism, culinary elaboration and customer care.

Valiant, active, creative – they use their stoves as weapons with which they create a simple but elaborate menu from carefully chosen ingredients, drawing on Mediterranean cuisine as their inspiration.

The cast is made up of a group of professionals with wide experience in the business. They have participated in culinary productions in several countries and the experience they have gained has given them considerable recognition for their work.

Jordi Anglí as Head Chef, determined in all.

Oriol López as Sous Chef, sharp as a knife.

Simón Tomàs in 4 Gats, a brave heart, with it all under control.

Alain Muguercia in Sumoll, handy with a gun.

José Manuel Gómez in L’Auca, handy with a knife.

Maykel Verdura in El Melic del Gòtic, always ready for action.

Jorge Antonio Moncada in Collage, doesn’t waste ammo.

But the script is rewritten every day, and soon we will see the return of the Magnificent Seven. As a trailer, we can tell you right now that they will bring us opinions, experience, debates and suggestions that will give us an insight into the preparation of their dishes.

Now to sample their food.